Laban/Bartenieff & Somatic Studies International - Schedule

Vancouver, BC
LSSI’s first Certificate Program in Vancouver will begin with Module One December 5-19, 2008

For Introductory Courses held in western Canada, contact  For Program information see  If you have met the pre-requisite introductory levels in Laban Movement Analysis, or Bartenieff Fundamentals, please contact Janet Kaylo at  Program applications and letters of recommendation can be found on the LSSC Application and Enrolment page.

Toronto, ON
Our next program in Toronto begins with Module One December 4-18, 2009

For Introductory Courses in Toronto contact; in Halifax,  If you have met the pre-requisite introductory levels in LMA or BF, please contact Janet Kaylo at

Introductory Programs

Intro to Bartenieff Fundamentals - Movement Patterning
with Helen Walkley

Fridays: Oct 17 - Nov 21
Sundays: Oct 19 - Nov 23

TORONTO: Contact:
Introduction to Laban Movement Analysis
November 21, 22, and 23, 2008


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