Modules One through Three can be taken independently of each other, Module Four requires completion of Module Two, and Module Five requires completion of all previous modules, or the equivalent. It is also possible to transfer from a LIMS program, or after LIMS Module One. Participation in any individual module requires that the applicant has been exposed to LMA and/or Bartenieff Fundamentals, normally through Introductory Courses, which are available in a variety of locations. Also required, is 15 hours experience in study of Anatomy/Kinesiology or Experiential Anatomy. In some cases, these prerequisites have been met under other course/workshop titles, or through participation in classes with a Certified Laban/Bartenieff Movement Analyst (CMA, CLMA).

Prerequisites are most effectively met through formal Introductory Courses. These are offered periodically through LIMS, IMS, and Canadian individuals listed by city, below. It is also possible to fulfill these hours in Introductory Courses organized with a CMA or CLMA in your area.

Upcoming Prerequisite Courses for our Canadian programs:

Contact: Donna Redlick

Contact: Donna Redlick

Contact: Nadine Saxton

Contact: Genevieve Dussault

Contact: Susan Barratt

If you have questions regarding fulfilment of these hours, please contact and we will work with you to find the best way to meet this criteria.

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