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Savannah Moving Art Projects (SMAP)


LSSI Workshops
with Janet Ware Kaylo

Movement Meditation and Improvisation

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Special Monthly Event
at Anahata Healing Arts in Savannah, GA


Weekly sessions beginning November 2014


LSSI Affiliated Workshops

Trisha Bauman at the CND, Paris

Introduction to Laban Movement Analysis, Bartenieff Fundamentals

Trisha Bauman, CMA & BMC Practitioner (NYC/Paris)

This workshop offers an experiential introduction to the scope of Laban Movement Analysis -- Body, Effort, Shape and Space -- and Bartenieff Fundamentals. Participants gain tools for creative process and training in the performing arts, directing stage performers and creative design -- for professionals in theater, dance, voice/music and visual media.

Monday, SEPTEMBER 29- Friday, OCTOBER 3, 2014
Centre National de la Danse
1, Rue Victor Hugo
Paris, FR
01 41 83 9868

This workshop meets the prerequisites for the Laban/Bartenieff Certification training.

LSSI Certificate Programs in Movement Analysis and Somatic Practice

LSSI’s Modular Program in Movement Analysis and Somatic Practice™ provides in-depth study and practice utilizing Laban Movement Analysis and Bartenieff Fundamentals? (LMA/BF) as a framework for movement analysis and somatic practice; while deepening perception of movement experience, movement vocabulary and understanding of non-verbal communication. Through the series of Five Modules, you will develop refined movement skills in observation and practice within each of the categories of Body/Effort/Shape/Space, as well as gain the ability to use a codified system of movement analysis when working with others, analyzing your own work, staging/choreographing, communicating non-verbally, writing about or researching movement. You will develop greater anatomical efficiency and technical mastery through movement re-patterning, learn to work with others as a Somatic movement therapist/educator, while significantly expanding the range of your individual expressivity and understanding of somatic process. Through this course of training and study, you will uncover your individual perceptual biases in communicating and understanding movement as art and as intersubjective, lived experience – in teaching, performance, clinical and somatic practice, and in everyday life.

Full program beginning in 2015 – Location to be announced.

Past Workshops and Programs


"The Space for Art Therapies II"

International Conference in Expressive Art Therapies

June 21-22, 2013 Prague, CZ
Keynote Speaker – Janet Kaylo


March-April, 2014 – Zagreb Academy BA program, Experiential Anatomy

April, 2014 – Ana Maletic School of Contemporary Dance, Zagreb – Bartenieff Fundamentals and Release Technique, faculty class

April, 2014 – Czech Association for Dance Therapy, Moravia – LMA and Perceiving in Nature Retreat

June 21 – International Arts Therapies Conference Workshop

Embodiment, Attunement, and Observation – three fundaments in Dance Movement Therapy
In this workshop we discuss and explore experiences of embodiment that support inter-subjective ways of perceiving. We practice utilizing attunement as a skill that can be improved and expanded through movement observation practice, creating greater space for relating through kinesthetic experience and play.

The Trans-species Movement Project: Being with Other Animals
Smolotely, CZ Republic

Perceiving the Unspoken: Exploring meaning in nonverbal communication
MAITREA - House of Personal Development Týnská ulièka 6
Old Town, Prague CZ

Sunday Workshop and Daily Class

Independent Dance
Siobhan Davies Studios
85 St. George’s Rd
London, UK
+44 (0)20 7091 9650

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