The Foundation Course, and Module One can be taken independently of each other. Other Modules require completion of the Foundation Course and Module One, unless transferring from another LMA-based program. 


LMA, Bartenieff Fundamentals, and Experiential Anatomy pre-requisites are presented through Introductory Courses, which are available in a variety of locations. In some cases, these prerequisites have been met under other course/workshop titles, or through participation in other somatic classes.


Formal Introductory Courses are offered periodically through American, Canadian, and European Laban-based organizations and individual Movement Analysts.  Below is a list of Canadian Intro Course contacts, as well as a Prague contact address.  Please feel free to write them for more information.  If you are an individual who offers Introductory workshops, please also feel free to send your information to, and we can include your contact details here.

It is also possible to fulfill these hours in Introductory Courses organized with a CMA or CLMA in your area. Experience in other somatic frameworks is also considered for pre-requisite criteria, if class exposure to LMA has also occurred. 


For information on Introductory Courses in Prague, Czech Republic please write

Rena Milgrom:


For information on upcoming Prerequisite Courses in Canada, please write: 

Contact: Donna Redlick

Calgary & Edmonton
Contact: Janet Kwantes, or Glenda Stirling;

Contact: Nadine Saxton

Contact: Genevieve Dussault

Contact: Susan Barratt


If you have questions regarding fulfillment of these hours, please contact and we will work with you to find the best way to meet this criteria.

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