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Our next full program begins Summer 2016 in Zagreb, Croatia, hosted by the Zagreb Dance Centre.  Please click the image above for details.



LSSI’s Modular Program provides in-depth study in the theory and practice of Laban Movement Analysis and Bartenieff Fundamentals (LMA/BF) as Somatic Practice.  Our programs are approved by the International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association (ISMETA), qualifying graduates to apply for registration as Somatic Movement Therapists and Somatic Movement Educators.  Qualification as a Movement Analyst and Somatic Practitioner is conferred by LSSI.

Full certificate programs include a Foundation Course in LMA/BF and Somatic Practice, and four subsequent thematic modules in Body/Effort/Shape/Space. Participation in each module deepens perception of movement as ‘lived experience’, expands movement vocabulary in professional and personal life, and develops skills as Somatic Practitioners, in teaching, performance, Movement Therapy and Education, and in nonverbal communication. Through the series of Five Modules, participants build skills in movement articulation – verbally and practically – refine observation acuity, and deepen somatic knowledge applicable to a variety of professional fields.

Greater anatomical efficiency and technical mastery become attainable through hands-on movement re-patterning and practice in somatic processing, and graduates have the skills to work with others as a Somatic Practitioner with significantly expanded range of individual expressivity and understanding of somatic processes. Graduates possess the ability to work as Somatic Practitioners, using a codified system of movement analysis when working with others in any movement discipline; analyzing pedestrian, choreographed or staged work; communicating non-verbally; and in writing about or researching movement.  

Each faculty member brings movement analysis and somatic perspective from  his/her special area of expertise, including Somatic Psychotherapy, Performance Studies, Dance Movement Psychotherapy, and Movement Research.  Previous participants have included professional dancers, actors, dance and movement teachers, Pilates instructors, Yoga teachers, Martial arts and fitness professionals, and others engaged in research and study of movement through architecture, anthropology, and music.

Through this course of training and study, you will uncover your individual perceptual biases in communicating and understanding movement as art and as intersubjective, lived experience – in teaching, performance, clinical and somatic practice, and in everyday life.

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