About Laban/Bartenieff & Somatic Studies International (LSSI)

In a commitment to promote somatic approaches in movement study, performance, and other applications, LSSI serves as the standardising and certifying body for Modular Certification Programs in Movement Analysis and Somatic Practice™. Full Certificate programs in Canada began under the direction of Janet Kaylo in 2003 at York University Dance Department, Toronto, Ontario. Subsequent Canadian Certificate programs included Ryerson University Theatre Department in Toronto, and the Shadbolt Center for the Arts in Vancouver, BC. Other trainings and intensive workshops have been presented in Prague, London, Zagreb, and Paris.

All LSSI programs are designed to refine students’ abilities to understand and explore movement as the basis of our lived experience - which is a relational, intersubjective act – in life as well as in art.

Full Certification programs are offered in a series of 5 (five) sessions, beginning with a two-week Foundation Course in Laban Movement Analysis (LMA) and Somatic Practice. The Foundation Course is followed by 4 (four) three-week, intensive thematic modules. Interims between modules include assignments and projects, and students receive a minimum of 5 individual tutorial hours during the full program, as well as coaching and feedback for presentation of an Application Research Project.

LMA and the somatic work of Irmgard Bartenieff (BF) have been utilized extensively in the fields of dance and theatre training and practice, and in many other movement disciplines such as martial arts, yoga, Pilates, ice-skating, and fitness. As application in research, theory and practice, LMA/BF is utilized widely in dance movement therapy/psychotherapy and movement re-patterning; and in anthropology, public speaking, non-verbal communication, health/wellness programs, and business consulting. LSSI’s programs and workshops place somatic processing at the core of the learning experience. Experiential and practical work in workshops and Certificate training supports profound development of psychophysical awareness and opportunities for re-patterning through movement-based experience. The learning and teaching framework promotes one’s sense of embodiment, through providing an environment conducive to focus on the body not only as an anatomically-based physical object in the world, but also as a “subjective process of lived consciousness” (ISMETA Scope of Practice).

Our Programs:

Under the direction of Janet Kaylo, LSSI serves as the umbrella under which Certificate Programs are presented in international cultural contexts such as the US, Canada, the UK, Europe, and the East. Classes are taught by master teachers in LMA/BF and Body Mind Centering, who hold ISMETA registration and approach Movement Analysis and Somatic Practice specifically through first-person based experience. Guest faculty include other CMAs and Body Mind Centering practitioners with unique expertise in various movement applications. Our programs are approved by ISMETA, and graduates of the 500-hour training are qualified to register as Somatic Movement Therapists and Educators.

Those wishing to participate in Certificate programs are expected to have some experience in Laban Movement Analysis and Bartenieff Fundamentals, Body Mind Centering, and/or Experiential Anatomy and somatic practice. Introductory Courses in Laban Movement Analysis, Experiential Anatomy, and Bartenieff Fundamentals are offered by LSSI graduates and faculty in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, and Edmonton in Canada, the Centre National de la Danse (CND) in Paris, France, and in Savannah, GA. See Introductory Programs here.

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